Mischief likes being scanned.  But on her own terms.  Mischief has sharp nails.  Paws to reflect.

Why did we create 'CAT SCANS'? 
You might say it was an intentional accident.  You see, Allie the cat, a two year young,abandoned calico who jumped into our convertible one night and into our hearts, happened to stroll across one of our HP scanners while we were in the middle of a design project.  
The thought suddenly occurred to us: What if Allie had walked across the scanner while it was in operation?  The rest is furstory.
As with many fur of the moment endeavors, scanning cats and creating high art is a lot harder than it looks.  Maybe someday we'll reveal how we pulled it off.  Of course, if you want to hear about it sooner, you can always ask Allie.
(That's 'Mischief' the tabby pictured to the right. You'll see Allie on the 'Submit your cat' page.) 
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