We're already planning our sequel - 'PET SCANS'TM -- featuring a nifty variety of scanned pets like iguanas and geckos, canaries in cages, and goldfish in bowls.  If you would like us to consider a furry, four-legged, two-winged, scaly, or tail and dorsel-finned friend, please send a picture (jpeg) to:  TOO NUTS PRODUCTIONS, LP:  info@toonutsproductions.com.  Please put "PLEASE SCAN THIS PET" in your Subject line.  Be sure to include a photo, your animal friend's name, your full name, and the best phone number and email by which to get in contact with you or the animal model (if your friend speaks and can answer a phone without the use of an opposable thumb).  Also, please include a statement of no more than 80 words describing why your animal friend is ideal for scanning.  We will follow up with you shortly.  If your entry is selected for our next book, our scan team will make arrangements to conduct a live scan!